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Thread: Wireless Internet Onderstepoort

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    Default Wireless Internet Onderstepoort

    My daughter is at onderstepoort and is in lodging about 10km north of the campus. Is there any wireless internet service providers there as the mobile data that I have been getting her is somewhat pricey to say the least

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    If you have a Telkom ADSL account at home you might be able to set up a Telkom Integrated SIM for her which should allow her to use ADSL data from your Telkom SoftCap account via Telkom's 3G/LTE network.!

    You could also look at one of Cell C Giga packages. They have just gone up in price but they still offer pretty good value. You might still be able to get the anytime 100GB SIM slightly cheaper from one of the sellers on Bidorbuy but you would need to look at the buyer feedback very carefully.

    MTN currently also has some Big Booster 50GB monthly data bundles on some of their new contract deals.

    Iburst is also launching a new LTE service but I'm not sure that she will have coverage.

    Alternatively she might be able to find some other wireless service provider that services her location but that would probably involve some type of hardware installation.
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