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    Hi guys...
    Any one know about these guys?
    They are situated in midrand.
    They offer a wireless solution with a speed of 128 kbs for 490.
    I chatted to a techie for them and he says that he gets a international latency of 300.
    The cool thing is that it is also uncapped.
    the reason i ask is because my complex installed a receiver (normall about R2500) at my unit today cause we installed wireless cameras.

    Any advice

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    Reads more like advertising than a post enquring about a WISP. 1st post too

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    I have been wondering when this month's "Wisp of the Month" thread would arrive... I guess this is it!

    No, we have not, and do not wish to hear about these guys. Thanks very much!

    Moving on....
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    Post some advice

    ok, i always say, unless you have been there and done that STFU.

    but having worked for wisps and having had wisps as clients.

    just stay away.

    </end of discussion>

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    Gee thanks for the help guys...... (note the sarcasm)
    I was actually asking for feedback but it seems like there are one to many guys on a power trip here.
    thanks for nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumpie View Post
    Gee thanks for the help guys...... (note the sarcasm)
    I was actually asking for feedback but it seems like there are one to many guys on a power trip here.
    thanks for nothing
    gumpie, there is a few things counting against you here.
    You posted a link in your first post. Your first post is a thread.
    And it does read as an Advert almost.

    But the counter to that is that your nick was registered some time back, you responded with another post and that you are still shown as being online.

    One thing that you must understand is that most people here are rather negative of WISPs. And all of them have Valid grounds for this. WISPs tend to give clients more problems & grief than they are worth. etc etc etc

    At 128kbps (That is a little slow) for R490 a month uncapped, they don’t sound too bad. It all depends on what you are going to use this for. Usually you can forget about any P2P apps on these WISPs uncapped options. 300ms Latency sounds good, but I'm not sure that is what you will get though. Still have to go and check them out.

    my 2c

    /me ninja's gumpie
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    thanks id13.

    i understand what you say about it looking dodgy. I was just under the impression that i could generally come and ask for help here with out getting flamed.

    I will take a further look into them and hopefully give feedback so that everyone can use the info.

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    ADSL is much better, and cheaper.

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    OK, as you guys will see, this is my first post. I am not affiliated with this company in any way.

    The reason for this post is that I was looking for answers on the net before going with Netwave, and could'nt find anything.

    I doubt that I will be active on this forum, which means I won't even see your reply's giving me crap about about advertising (which it isn't)

    I got Neetwave uncapped last week Friday (6 Nov 2009) (still new, but so far so good)

    I basically have the 256k uncapped internet (which is also completely unshaped so good for torrents)

    I haven't had any problems with them yet, internet is always on and at the speed promised.

    This is my speed test I have just done:
    Last Result:
    Download Speed: 249 kbps (31.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 471 kbps (58.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
    12 November 2009 11:01:51 AM

    You'll notice the upload speed being very high, this has been so from the start

    I will definately post again as soon as I have problems with them, but if I don't post again, you can assume I'm happy with them

    Hope this helps anybody considering them

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    if you're looking for answers why did you just tell us all about it and ask no questions?
    If real is what you can download, watch, upload and see, then 'real' is simply Mweb Internet.

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    Because I got it without answers (currently still have my adsl active as a backup) - and now I have the answers. Please notice that I'm not gumpie

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