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Thread: Got C#? Sick of commuting? Aussie cloud+mobile SaaS company LF developers

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    Default Got C#? Sick of commuting? Aussie cloud+mobile SaaS company LF developers

    About Us

    Appenate is a Brisbane-based SaaS company (founded by lewstherin, old school MyADSLer), building a leading business applications platform, aimed at the IT channel and enterprise.

    Our growing customer base spans over 25 countries, which we support via an integrated team anchored out of Australia and South Africa to improve timezone coverage for our users.

    We have embraced the concept of a distributed company, with all team members working either from home or out of co-working spaces (or the beach, mountains, cafe, whatever) .
    We get everyone together 2-3 times a year for a few days somewhere, so that we can work and hang out face to face.

    The Opportunity

    This is an opportunity to join a lean, agile and exciting company that is globally focused and working with cutting edge mobile and cloud technologies.
    It's a great lifestyle change to skip the daily commute and have flexibility in your working hours and location.
    We're also a pretty fun bunch to hang out with

    Being a small company, we expect all team members to learn fast and play at a high level.
    To join us, you need to be self-starting, disciplined and able to communicate well.
    If you don't want to work from home, no problem - we'll cover the cost of a desk at a co-working space near you.

    Our preference is to find someone in Durban, but we're open to applications from anywhere in SA.
    We all hang out in HipChat and Skype, so you're in constant contact with the whole team.
    You'll be provided with whatever you need to be productive - MacBook Pros are standard for our developers.

    This role offers plenty of scope for you to learn and grow as the company expands, and you'll be working with smart, driven people that are building world-beating software.

    Role & Requirements

    Our entire code base is C# and we love the language.
    We use Xamarin tools for mobile app dev with an ASP.Net, SQL Server backend running on Azure.
    Experience with C# is thus a mandatory requirement.

    A BSc (Computer Science) is desirable but not a show stopper.

    We're also looking for experience with any combination of the following:
    - SQL Server
    - ASP.Net MVC
    - JQuery
    - Android dev
    - IOS dev
    - Xamarin
    - WPF / UWP
    - Azure
    - ServiceStack
    - RESTful web services
    - MVVM patterns

    We're primarily looking for junior to intermediate developers at present.
    Starting pay range is R20 - 40k, really depends on your talent and experience.
    We believe in rewarding consistent growth early and often, so what you earn going forward is highly performance driven.

    If you're a more experienced/senior developer, feel free to send us your resume along with your pay expectations. We'll get in touch if we feel you could be a fit.

    This looks awesome, how do I apply????

    Mail your resume to jobs[at]

    I don't fit the criteria above, but I really want to join you guys?

    Enthusiasm and an interesting resume is always welcome, hit us up on the above email and we'll take a look!
    Last edited by appenate; 24-07-2017 at 12:29 AM.

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    Giving this a quick bump - thanks to those that have applied so far, still looking!

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    Another slot has been added to our SA team, so bumping again for any that may be interested

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    Moar bumping since we're continuing to grow and have another developer slot available

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