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Thread: Alvarion equipment test/giveaway

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    Default Alvarion equipment test/giveaway

    I moved into a new flat (northcliff/watertower area) and found Alvarion equipment; white wall box with reset/power plug on top, eth on the side, and a flat diamond antenna outside. I have no idea how to use it or test if it still works, and no interest really in keeping it (getting fibre). Lights do go on when antenna is plugged and power switched on, I just don't know enough about the next steps. Thought before it becomes scrap, someone might want to play with it. Any advice or anyone want it?

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    It is an outdoor access point by a quick google. You probably plug your ethernet cable to provide wireless connectivity outside.

    Maybe quick Google on the product number to see what it exactly is and whether it will have benefit for you.

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    Are you renting or did you buy the place?

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    I bought the place. Wont rip equipment of a rented wall! Good question.

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    Will check for numbers, thank you.

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    From the description of the equipment, it sounds like leftovers from the [free] MWEB Wimax trail. The trial ended a long time ago, the base stations were decommisioned, but it was too costly to recover the premise equipment, so they were just left in the field.
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    Thank you Roman4604. The antenna is pointing towards Pretoria. Maybe part of WUG. If this equipment can be used for that purpose.

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