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Thread: Vanilla fixed wireless - performance

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    Default Vanilla fixed wireless - performance

    Hi all,

    I am considering Vanilla's fixed wireless internet as an option because fibre is not available. Can anyone give me some recent benchmarks/speed tests on the service? Is it stable enough to game on? I am in Cape Town.


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    Anyone interested in the outcome of this: Vanilla came round and installed in my block, guys were awesome, very friendly and knowledgeable. Speed wise, I am getting between 30 - 40mbps down, 50 - 60 mbps up, 5 - 30ms on local games, 140 - 160ms on international games. Service is completely stable and is perfect for gaming/streaming/downloading.

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    Good to hear. Strange that your UL is higher than your DL. Is it affordable? I do not see pricing on their website...

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    Its not the cheapest but im happy with the price. R350 "Line" rental, and R600 for 100gigs or R999 for uncapped. I don't have many alternatives so for 30/40mbps with good pings and a stable connection, I'm very chuffed.

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    What is the coverage?

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    That I'm not sure on, best to contact Vanilla directly and find out. All I know is it's Cape Town only.

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