3. Project Manager

Job Description
- Executes projects according to best practices
- Manages the project, inclusive of:
- Reporting on project progress and project risks.
- Ensuring that the project progress meetings are held on a monthly basis.
- Compiling the cost analysis.
- Attending to budget enquiries.
- Ensuring document control where necessary; and
- Managing the execution of tasks according to the agreed plan and scope.
- Project integration management, including:
- Project plan development:
- Project plan execution; and
- Overall change control
- Project scope management, including:
- Scope planning.
- Scope definition.
- Project time management, including:
- Activity definition.
- Activity duration estimation.
- Schedule development.
- Project cost management, including:
- Project resource planning.
- Procurement management; and
- Project cost control.
- Project quality management, including:
- Quality planning.
- Execution of project according to set standards.
- Procedures and methodologies.
- Keeping of quality records.
- Project human resource management, including:
- Organisational planning.
- Team development.
- Project communication management, including:
- Communications planning.
- Information distribution.
- Performance reporting.
- Administrative closure procedures.
- Project risk management, including:
- Risk identification and risk quantification.

Key performance indicators
- Efficient monitoring system is in place to plot progress towards the objectives;
- Schedules are adhered to;
- Quality standards are achieved;
- Budgets are not overspent;
- Customer requirements/ expectations are met;
- Progress reports are compiled and submitted on a regular basis;
- Keeps stakeholders and other parties abreast of developments during the implementation of the project;
- Relevant processes and procedures are followed and adhered to;
- Changes in the project plan are communicated, controlled & managed effectively;
- The client is satisfied that the specifications of the project have been met that the delivered service measures up
against the planned outcomes.
- Completing tasks in agreed timeframes on Jira.
- Meeting monthly Revenue targets.
Salary: R40K - R70K.
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