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Thread: Neotel Degrading quality services

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    Default Neotel Degrading quality services


    Has anybody noticing any degradation in quality broadband from Neotel?

    I used to rave about Neotel quality Internet service for Businesses. Their downtime used to be almost 0.

    Now I have noticing a degradation on the services. It goes down every now and then, specially during office hours.

    A little ago, all microsoft traffic was being routed via Australia, instead of the usual microsoft point in joburg. and it lasted a whole day, which is bad for a business.

    any other users experiencing issues with Neotel?

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    We have had many issues with them recently. The link is always physically up, and local traffic is ok(ish), but international throughput is terrible.
    On a 200Mbps link we are getting less than 100Mbps local, and less than 20Mbps international. We keep graphs of our connectivity to AWS Ireland and AWS Mumbai. It doesn't look good.

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    Same here on 5mbps fibre, but most of my issues was related to their DNS. Not using that anymore, but I still get "disconnects".

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    They are definitely much more frequently down than they were last year.

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    Yes, the service has definitely deteriorated. We have been using Neotel to communicate using VOI with Taiwan. We chose Neotel because they seemed to be the only SA ISP using the Indian Ocean cable, and therefore the only one with reasonable ping times to the Far East (all the others routing via Europe). Now they too have long delays, and route via Europe, which makes one suspect that something has happened to the Indian Ocean cable. There are also significantly more dropped packets than before. But Neotel will not admit that there is a problem...

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