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Thread: Sanral coughs up R225m to European companies for e-tags

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    Default Sanral coughs up R225m to European companies for e-tags

    This is over and above R372m for invoices and postal services, according to a report.

    Despite the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) battling to repay R20-billion capital costs for the erection of e-toll gantries around Gauteng highways, the company paid R225 million to Swedish and Austrian companies for e-tags.

    In a written parliamentary response to DAís Christine Hunsinger, Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi revealed Kapsch Trafficom AB from Sweden received just more than R167 million.

    Q-Free ASA, from Austria, was paid almost R58 million for similar services. Maswanganyi said
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    nice nest egg they got there...
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    Tax payer money down the drain...
    Quote Originally Posted by Swa View Post
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    Now you know where sars is sending all the PAYE the keep taking from you.

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    E-toll contractor denies shady dealing with arms deal company
    The company’s executive board member Andre Laux denied that it had improper dealings with arms manufacturing company, SAAB &ndas; which admitted in June to paying bribes of more than R24-million to ensure it was picked to supply Gripen jets to South Africa in the arms deal.

    “We firmly reject any speculation linking Kapsch TrafficCom and the arms deals.

    Where there's smoke......

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    Pity they done away with lynch mobs, someone should hang for this..

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