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Thread: Eskom load shedding details fail to list Tshwane suburbs

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    Question Eskom load shedding details fail to list Tshwane suburbs

    Can anybody find any suburbs in the Tshwane Metro on this site:


    The smallest Johannesburg suburbs are listed by Tshwane seems to be one big place to Eskom.

    I understand the municipal power provisioning angle too, but seriously, this is rediculous. It hosts the country's capital for ****s sake!

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    Thats just another notch added to the incompetence of Eskom. I though having one company as incompetent as Telkom but it seems we have destined to have 2.

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    Heck - I'm glad the nations capital gets to suffer like everyone else. Makes it harder for the politicians to deny there is a problem.
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    The link:
    just gives me
    Service Unavailable
    Is this some sort of wry comment on ESKOM's part, or just the usual incompetence?

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    Wait until 2010 then you will see "load shedding"

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    I just hope the power was also out at the Union Buildings ...... (is it still called that?)

    Not that they get much done with the lights on anyway.
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    Save yourself lots of frustration and forget about that list of eiskom, ... its just a bum attempt at them trying to make themselves look better.
    As it is their idea of 'managing' the problem is to push it off onto the customer.
    yesterday one of my colleagues was having a lekka (but fruitless of course) fight with some dude from Eskom, coz the power at their business was off, but according to the shedule the power wasn't supposed to be off at that time in that area.
    So the ****head at Eskom maintains she is making a mistake, the power cannot be off, becuase the shedule says it must be on. The more she tells the idiot that she is there, she can see for herself the power is off, he cannot get it thru his skull that the shedule might be wrong.
    Of course lost cause, wasted energy, right or wrong, the dudes at Eskom don't give a [email protected] about your problems
    The Tswane metro guy, already said on the radio that they cannot gaurantee how long it will be off.... they try their bestest to make it as short as possible, 3-5 hours (!)
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    Where's Tshwane? Never heard of it.

    Alas, we have blackouts here in Pretoria too.

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    Pretoria's power is distributed by the municipality, thus the schedules appear on , unfortunately for us, they don't update the lists till about 10 o clock, and like the others, it is not accurate.
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    Eishkom are useless.
    We had a load shed yesterday - as it happens, I was on their damn website as the power went out - and it said "No load shedding at present".

    What a bunch of useless [email protected]
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    Quote Originally Posted by StrongTurd View Post
    Where's Tshwane? Never heard of it.

    Alas, we have blackouts here in Pretoria too.
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uFiS View Post
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Angry Load shedding Wastes Electricity!!!!

    I have a serious intellectual (as opposed to just begrudging) problem with the concept of load shedding.
    There are numerous problems that it causes like downing of medical equipment. rendering electronic security
    useless (not that we need this in our non-crime riddled country ) and the other everyday inconveniences.

    My big problem is that I see no use in it. The biggest draw on power in a residential area is the geyser,
    lots and lots of them. So they turn off everyone's power for 3-5 hours; the water in the geysers goes
    cold and when the power finally comes back on all the geysers in the entire area (thousands and
    thousands of them) start sucking from the power grid to reheat the once heated water. Can you
    imagine the amount of kilowatts that get pulled from the grid all at once???
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