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Thread: Neotel LTE Wireless broadband setup

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    Default Neotel LTE Wireless broadband setup

    HI All

    I have been using the Neotel service for close to a year now.

    I recently moved to a new location , and proceeded to install the atel aol-pe103 Antenna aswell as the zyxcell Router that was supplied to me.

    My connection is working , I would however like to know , if someone can assist me in Fine tuning my setup , perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me.

    I did not want to get a neotel tech to come out , because firstly they dont know much more than I do , And I would probably still be waiting if i did not do it myself.

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi cassell,

    Have a look at

    Basically, login your router and look for the RSSI, RSSQ etc values, and tweek (rotate) the antenna for best signal strength.
    mylinuxbox> Iburst -r linuxbox> Telkom -T +H
    mylinuxbox> Ibust linuxbox> Helkom
    mynewlinuxbox> Neotel -e
    mynewlinuxbox> Notel

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