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Thread: How much is your Water and Lights account??

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    Default High Water Bill, Water Leaks etc

    I know this post is old, but we need to start educating each-other on the issue of water leaks and acceptable. So often, folks just accept and pay. Water leaks in the centurion area are not to ever be laughed at - what happens if your leak develops into a sink-hole and you lose your home? One of my customers just installed a digital water data logger in order to get insurance on his complex - this is how seriously insurance firms take the dolomite risk!

    How about we start a little bit of an educational blurb on water leakage? We can gladly help folks to find leaks (well, the easier ones) and know for sure if they do or don't have a hidden water leak.

    One of the first things I tell my customers is to check the water meter - is it spinning when nothing is being consumed? When the last person goes to bed, take a reading, then take it first thing in the morning. consumption = water loss. Then, check your geyser overflow (is it dripping?) and then your toilets (place a piece of toilet paper on the back of the bowl - if this gets saturated with flowing water, service the loo). Do you hear a hissing asif someone had a tap open?

    Hope some of this helps!!


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    hmmm, mines bout R1600 just me and my gf, 3 room house , 1 shower used, 1 bath not used, with large pool.
    pmb area!
    VOX my new favorite ISP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goobie View Post
    To put everybody's amounts into perspective perhaps we should have the following info.

    1. Number of occupants:
    2. Garden: Y/N if Y then size:
    3. Freestanding or complex:
    4. Number of geysers:
    5. Any out of the ordinary power/water sucking equipment:
    6: Season (Winter/Summer) your amounts refer to:
    2 adults one child plus tenant in cottage
    Garden 1600sqm. Irrigation runs 10 minutes a day
    1 geyser- solar. tenant runs heating off gas
    Swimming pool

    Municipal bill (rates water elec refuse) R3500pm

    Quote Originally Posted by sajunky View Post
    It is a Chrismas time, animals speak human language, deamons speak through the humans, it is normal. Honesty is the way we can combat it.

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    Randburg and 3 adults -

    Electricity - R1k to R1.2k
    Water R800-R900

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