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Thread: Sudden Slow LTE Speeds on Rain's network (Webafrica as provider)

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    Angry Sudden Slow LTE Speeds on Rain's network (Webafrica as provider)


    So i'm going to jump right into this (what might seem like a rant but more of a, checking if anyone else has experienced this).

    I recently moved to a new flat and I would love to hop onto a fiber network but that isn't an option since there's only 10Mbps ADSL available in this area. I then decided to look to other options while a wait a while for the area to be "rolled out" a bit more. Then boom as I am looking at Wireless options LTE drops from the sky and I decide it will be perfect since I am only home 6 days a month the data cap wont be a problem.

    I went with Webafrica's offering since I've been with them for a couple of years now starting at a mere 10Mbps capped line working my way up through a 4,10 & 20Mpbs uncapped and I have never had any serious problems with their service. Ordering and delivery of service and hardware could not have gone smoother.

    Now, and this is why I am here, first time using the service I am ecstatic with the speeds I am getting and for the first time using a wireless service to game was quite impressed with the stability. Download speeds ranging between 20-50Mbps (even spiking up to 60Mbps). I then have to leave to another town for work (Sadly no coverage in this town), So I have to leave the internet behind. I come back two weeks later start up the connection and for some odd reason its hovering at a measly 4Mbps? I then think to myself this might just be congestion on the network and throughout the weekend it will pick back up.

    Boy was I wrong... Sitting here on a Sunday morning and this is the speed i'm getting?

    I have submitted a support ticket to Webafrica to find out what is going on and thought I should share the experience since it is a new service and people will be looking for "reviews". Was also wondering if anyone else has had any similar problems?

    First time posting

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    Morning and welcome to mybroadband .

    Try rebooting the router otherwise try putting the sim into another device and test then report back here if it helped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuu View Post
    Morning and welcome to mybroadband .

    Try rebooting the router otherwise try putting the sim into another device and test then report back here if it helped.

    Throughout the weekend I tried rebooting multiple times.
    For some strange reason (Didn't restart the router or fus about with any settings) the speed is back to expected but I get the feeling it wont last long.

    Hoping for the best but if it drops again i'l try and get my hands on another device to test.

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    I noticed much slower speeds later in the evenings with the best speed being early morning. Never experienced anything lower than 15mb though :/

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    Name:  rain-bad.png
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    Get more or less the same deal. Uploads are blistering fast though

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    and then 3 mins later

    Name:  rain-good.png
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    I wonder if they are messing around on the network trying to optimise or balance or whatever?
    I'm not through Webafrica, but direct with Rain.
    Not impressive re download
    Name:  Speed1.JPG
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    But 3 mins later on myBB test -
    Name:  Speed2.JPG
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    My upload speed is terrible.... And download not that great as well

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    I used my Cell C Sim and get this :Name:  Cellc Sim.jpg
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    So why are you posting it in the Rain section?

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    Same here, got them and only got 4mbps

    Thought it was due to the one bar of signal...eventually found a spot in the house that had 3 bars, and the speed is still around 4mbps....sometimes it goes up to 8 - 12mbps

    Getting an external antenna to bring the signal up to 4 - 5 hopefully...will post the speed then

    I'm in JHB Zandspruit, on the edge of their coverage according to Afrihost/Rain coverage maps
    Mechrevo X5 - i7-4700MQ/GTX860M/16gig DDR1600L/256G SSD + 1TB 7200/15.6" 1080P LED/ - game the budget way, on the road~

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    This is an issue that seems to be getting more insufferable..

    But, typical sign when you're network is congested is when you download speed is much lower than your upload speed.

    I have an externally mounted MIMO antenna, get pretty good SNR/RSRQ.. My speeds in the morning until about 3 pm averages 30-40 Mbps, at around 5 pm-9 pm it can drop to ridiculously low downloads of 1 Mbps, then at around midnight (without changing my tower, settings), it shoots up to 40-70 Mbps.

    Rain need to resolve this. They are owned by IS, so bandwidth should not be an issue.
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    "Sudden slow speeds" this is al about tower congestion, People connecting to one "access point". I live in Stellenbosch, I love December holidays, no students hence no traffic, and hight LTA speeds. Late at night, no students (80Mbps)[email protected]#N students back, sh$t load of trafic , between 20 and 30 mBps max!!!
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    I have a very similar experience with my Rain LTE in Centurion. I ordered and started using in October 2017. Speeds were great, perhaps not as impressive as some of the others people have posted. However I had an average of around 30 Mbps download on speed tests and my ping in online games was low and very stable and I only use the internal antennae on the Huawei B618.

    Then around mid to end December, started noticing the router only picks up a single bar of signal, sometimes nothing. Speedtests results show dl speeds of between 4 and 8 Mbps and ping in game is now totally unbearable, with constant spikes and fluctuations. Router is still in same spot it was since I received it, despite this I have also attempted moving the router around the house to different spots (higher, closer to window etc.), performed a hard reset on the router, attempted to change a few standard settings etc. but no difference.

    I have logged support calls with Afrihost (who I ordered the RAIN through) and was hoping they could provide more clarity or escalate to RAIN. However, all I get is generic network support responses that offer no assistance.

    So I am quickly running out of ideas
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