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Thread: Home Internet Noob

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    Default Home Internet Noob

    Some context.

    The only home internet I've ever had was a 2 year contract for a MiFi with Telkom mobile with 5gb pm.

    I own my home. There is currently no landline fitted. There is another house on the same erf (sectional title) that has ADSL (I am not willing to share any costs with neighbours).

    At home I have 2 phones (easily using about 5gb per month between them, excluding updates). I have a tablet as well. Wife has 1 phone. I have a PS4 and 2 smart TV's in the home. I do have a personal laptop that is very old (i5 purchased in 2010), but works ok.

    As I have had no internet, I haven't really developed any data heavy habits. Currently mostly social media and watching youtube.

    I am exploring options for internet at home. I am concerned about going the mobile data route due to signal. Cell C is poor, and both Vodacom and Telkom mobile are either great or bad, at any point in time. MTN I have found to be quite stable, but they don't have great packages.

    What would your suggestion be for an ADSL solution. I ask ADSL as I doubt that there is fibre anywhere near my house. I would use the ADSL for all mobile devices, updates etc. My PS4 updates and game downloads. Some music and video downloads. Not so much streaming as we have DSTV that my wife will not give up. I will have access as a guest on Netflix as well, so some streaming.

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    What internet for a noob for home.

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    first thing is to call Telkom and get a line installed (take awhile) then shop around for internet service providers that offer adsl + data bundle I recommend Afrihost. you have to have a landline before you can get adsl.

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    Also, check if there is actually fibre in the area. Start with

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