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Thread: How to monitor a Wi-fi IP Camera connected via MTN router on my Android Phone ?

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    Default How to monitor a Wi-fi IP Camera connected via MTN router on my Android Phone ?

    I want to get a Wi-fi IP security camera that will be connected to a LTE router with a MTN contract sim in it, challenge is how can I remotely monitor that camera on my phone.

    Seems you need a fixed IP address for that and the fact that the camera will be connected to the internet via mobile networks that may not be possible, are there any work arounds?

    Apparently there are websites that offer subscriptions to host your security video streams, but then the camera will probably need to be connected to a computer running some software and possible use huge chucks of data ?

    I want to monitor the camera on an android device running tinyCam Monitor PRO, it's on 50% sale at the moment if anyone else is interested in this, gets very good reviews:
    I want to use

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    For all the mobile operators (except Telkom) you need to apply for a unrestricted APN. Telkom's Internet APN gives you a public IP address by default.

    Then configure the router for DynDNS and port forwarding from the router to the internal IP address of the camera. With your phone connect to the DynDNS hostname.
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    Make and model of the camera? Some will establish an outbound connection and then there won't be any need for a static IP or unrestricted apn. From what I've seen even some cheap Chinese cameras wil do this.
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    Haven't got it yet but I'm eyeing out the Xiaomi cameras

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