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Thread: Neotel cancellation charge

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    Default Neotel cancellation charge

    Hi All,

    Just seeing if any has had this issue I am experiencing. My neotel wireless contract ended some time back, think in January 2017. In June this year I gave my 30 days notice to cancel the contract as it has already ended an currently on a month to month with them. They agreed and about a week later I get a mail about a cancellation charge of R1200 which i disputed as the contract we have has ended and cant be charged a cancellation fee. i never heard from them for a month then this month i get a debit order of the charge.

    I am pretty sure i cant be charged a cancellation fee if the contract itself has terminated. anyone experience this issue in the past?

    Thinking if I dont get a reply to report them to the Ombudsman but not sure how effective that will be

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    Was the cancellation charge in the contract you agreed to? If not they can go fly a kite.

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    No, only refers to early cancellation charges.

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    Well then there is your answer.

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