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Thread: Wifibre... please check your support tickets

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    Default Wifibre... please check your support tickets

    Check the quality when i signed up three months ago... vs lately..

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    Name:  Untitled.png
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    My package :

    Home Premium and SME
    Unshaped & Uncapped
    5Mbps Upload
    Dynamic Public IP
    1:5 Contention
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    Its just getting worse

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    When i phone their contact centre it redirects to a mobile that goes over to voicemail.

    PLEASE, can you not help a fella out here?

    Managed to get a hold of "accounts", wifibre is trying something different with my line

    So-far so-good, connection is back up to full speed
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    Too much noise there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philaniH View Post
    Too much noise there.
    Interesting, how did you come up with that conclusion?

    I dont quite understand the NoiseFloor value

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