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Thread: Wisp or internet Solution Northern Cape

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    Default Wisp or internet Solution Northern Cape

    Hi All

    Do any one know of an Wisp or Internet reseller in the Northern Cape . Kakamas area

    So i know about Jenny that is doing this area but there internet kind of An no Option due to bad expierence with them.

    I got Vodacom 4G and MTN 3G but that works out to expensive.

    I thought about getting Getting PTP from town but no idea
    How telkom adsl in the area.

    It is for Individual and not Business.

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    Not help much here, but on a side note, I heard Jenny is being bought over by another company. This other company isn't any better than Jenny though, but that might also just be a personal opinion.

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    Don't know, but thanks for heads up maybe would try them one day again, when i started hearing positive things , from my Area , not good if you want to use the internet but than it is down, or crawling slow .

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