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Thread: LTE unlocked router contract

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    Default LTE unlocked router contract

    Does anybody know which SP has a LTE capped contract (50GB+) with a "free" router that has firmware which is not locked into the SP and they don't control your DNS settings?

    I have a Telkom 50GB contract which expires in 2 months. My problem with their Huawei B593S router is that they supplied a sub-model (B593s-601) which would only work with Telkom firmware and I cannot change the DNS settings on it to point to OpenDNS. I can get FTTH next year but I don't want to wait and I need open firmware on the router.


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    I managed to change the dns settings on the Rain LTE-A routers to google dns, afrihost and webafrica have those for free atm, check it out
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    Yes try the RAIN LTE deal.

    The router is also the fastest LTE router money can buy. Supports up to 600mps LTE-A.
    For all your graphics card requirements!

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