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Thread: Suspension of the FIFO principle

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    Default Suspension of the FIFO principle

    From 1st September my LTE data is depleted on the Last-In-First-Out basis instead on the First-In-First-Out basis as stipulated in the contract.

    I have once-of packages expiring on the 13th and 27th September, but since the beggining of the month they are left intact, while my included/inclusive data expiring on 1st October is being depleted.

    It happens to others too.

    I wonder is it the nation-wide phenomenon?

    These are the screenshots of my data availability reported by Telkom yesterday and today:

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    After much phoning and correspondence, got the 'fault number' issued. Other three operators I talked to did not understand what I was talking about, I was even asked do I want to top up. Then, on my email, operator from Pretoria called me and flatly claimed FIFO principle doesn't apply to SmartBroadband, but after I responded: "Think again, if this is applied nation-wide, it's a huge scandal running into millions." conceded to refer it to a supervisor.

    I got recordings of all phone calls available, if any of the journous wants to look into it. Telkom's online document laying out FIFO data accounting principle is submitted to Wayback Machine too, in case the terms are to change imperceptibly. In paragraph 13, it states: “There is no limit to the number of LTE/LTE-A Once-Off bundles that a subscriber can purchase in a month and FIFO shall apply to the order of consumption.”

    Now, how probable is it that only my account was affected? It remains to be seen how the situation will be remedied. Principled solution would be to restore my 20/20Gb credit to the initial state (as of 1 September) and deduct the difference from my once-off packages expiring sooner. If I, instead, get a freebie, well, maybe I'll pay a thought to all other suckers out there that haven't even noticed this theft.

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    Left this on Telkom Social:

    I think many more people will become aware of this as the month end gets closer. Telkom is sitting on the timebomb if this was applied nation-wide.

    Dear thread moderator, this is not 'social media' issue, or just a matter of 'perception'. Please escalate it high enough so that the algorithm/system is corrected and you'll become a hero saving your organisation much embarasment. It is either down to a rogue programmer, or a marketing noobie who was fascinated by the story of the widening of the toothpaste tube nozzle in order to boost sales.

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    Next time dont load so many data bundles.. you have confused the age old telkom main frame

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    Hi There my data bundle seems to have also become LIFO as itís using my monthly data first now instead of existing once of bundles, did you get any response on this from Telkom?

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