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Thread: Using VPN to use internet

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    Default Using VPN to use internet

    Hey all,

    I'm not sure if this is in the correct category.


    Single PC running Win 7 Pro 64-bit
    TP-Link Wifi Router
    2MB DSL - DHCP

    What I want to know:

    Is it possible using an android 4.1 or higher phone that does NOT have internet to connect to a VPN I setup on my PC and USE my internet on said phone?

    Basically, I can get the Android phone to connect to a VPN I setup on this PC. ( Using data from a mobile data package ). But when the phone is connected ( from like 5km or 10km away or wherever ) to my VPN, can the Android phone surf the net using MY internet? ( & not the mobile data on the phone ).

    I hope this makes sense. & apologies if it's a retarded question.

    Thx guys

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    Default Using VPN to use internet

    It's a bit deurmekaar, but if you make a VPN from the phone to the PC, and it is 5+ km away, then you need to use mobile data, right? Or are you going to make use of wifi networks where the phone would be?

    You can connect VPN to the pc and surf internet via VPN and then break out over ADSL, but you still would incur data costs from mobile network to setup VPN.

    So what do you want to achive?

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    Your phone will be connecting to your VPN using your PC’s internet, but will be using mobile data to communicate via the VPN.

    Data needs to get to and from the phone (mobile data, via cellphone towers) to connect to your VPN.

    Effectively you’ll be consuming mobile data as well as your DSL data.

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    Pigs could fly.

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    Apologies if it's confusing, but I got my answer.

    Mobile data will still be consumed to maintain the VPN connection to PC, so might just as well purchase mobile data bundles and surf like that.

    I wonder how much mobile data will be used per hour to maintain the connection to the PC VPN...


    Thx so much guys!

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    This the setup corporates are doing for their emloyees using company phones.
    Overhead? Very little, depends how VPN is configured. Packet fragmentation can inrease overhead. However it could be even less than a direct Internet browsing if data compression is used on the secure tunnel.

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