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Thread: @TelkomSA - Upgrading of exchange?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeinSteenkamp View Post
    Kan hulle mens nie skuif na een van die ander exchanges nie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeinSteenkamp View Post
    ... ek speel online games en konstante updates, ...
    Haai Hein. Volgens jou router se stats is jy op “interleaved”. Ek sien gamers soos jy hou nie van Telkom se ASSIA interleaved nie, dit maak jou ADSL en jou PING stadiger. Hulle vra dan vir Telkom om hulle terug te sit op “Fast Path”.

    “Interleaved on the ASSIA system. Its the safest,most stable way to insure connection. Problem is it drops ADSL speeds by 40-50%!”

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