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Thread: FIFO vs LIFO:- Caveat Emptor

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    Default FIFO vs LIFO:- Caveat Emptor

    This is old news, but a reminder may help someone out there. I have a 200GB bundle that is coming to an end. Last month I purchased a 1 month data bundle in error instead of a replacement. Contacted Cell C help line immediatly, got called back and told that as I had already used some of the "new" bundle they couldn't reverse the purchase. Used it in an updating orgy instead.

    Yesterday, I bought a replacement 200GB bundle, a few MB of the old one being left over, now, surprise, it's using the OLD one first! Looks like accounting practices vary as it may suit the service provider.

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    It probably uses the bundle that will expire first.
    FEFO - First Expired First Out
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