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Thread: Stay away from Advance Pools

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    Default Stay away from Advance Pools

    As the topic suggests....
    Anybody looking to have a pool installed should stay away from this company.

    When you are ready to purchase they are the most amazing company who subscribes to this and that, they get your fiberglass pool to you in a few weeks and provide installers to come out to you and you pay the installers directly.

    Within 6 months of owning the pool the actual structure changed with a huge bulge forming in the top left corner.

    For the next 6 months I have been begging them to resolve the issue, after them taking pictures they have ignored me and a month ago have asked can they come take pictures again......needless to say no one has come.

    I have resorted to legal action which is going to be quite easy based on the lawyers feedback.....luckily I have kept every single communication with this company and their actual contract confirms that the party at fault picks up legal costs.

    My only advice to anyone, stay away!!!!

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    Super Grandmaster maumau's Avatar
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    Thanks for the info. Hope you have success suing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maumau View Post
    Thanks for the info. Hope you have success suing them.
    Thanks man, lawyer guarantees a win based on all the communication and I formation that was saved!
    They are so unethical that they hunk thy can scare me off by threatening to counter sue....can only imagine how many people succumbed to their "strong-arm" tactics.

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    Report back with how it goes.

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    Good luck, yes, please report back. I love it when companies that are in the wrong gets it in a court of law.

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    Will do guys!!!

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    Just a quick update guys, lawyer sent first letter of intent and we got a response......apparently he fired the "Rogue" staff members being Juan Diedericks and the installer by the name of Eddie.
    In any light, they willing to resolve the issues.
    My advice still, is to stay away, the hassle and 7 month wait only to get a response once you deal with lawyers is not worth it.

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    Thanks for the update and glad they are willing to resolve the issue.

    Have some work to do around my pool and will definitely stay away.

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