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1.2GB 600MB

With above the price stay the same but with the "fair usage" cut in half the price effectively increased with 100% but how many people will realize that?

I don't use Cell C myself but my daughter said that you can only purchase one whatsapp bundle a month so with the limit reduced from 1,2gb to 600 mb, how many users will soon be without data and then forced to purchase even more expensive normal data?

It was R12 for 1.2 gb but from Oct R12 for 600mb whatsapp data

If you used 1.2 gb during a month, you now have to pay R12 for 600 mb plus R79 for 500mb social media data

That means if you still want to or use 1.2 gb of whatsapp data, your increase is from R12 up to R91 and that is about a 650% increase for the same 1.2gb whatsapp data
Hi Frank

Thank you for posting to us.

We have launched social bundles, which will see you get extra data which will only be for social (WhatsApp & Facebook).

Please find attached our latest bundles.

The aim is to try and ensure that customer get more value for money by taking advantage of these bundles.

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