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Thread: Telkom Mobile dead in Pretoria ?

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    Default Telkom Mobile dead in Pretoria ?

    Hi - Anyone else in PTA having issues connecting to the Telkom LTE network this AM. It connects but unable to use any apps that require data ?

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    Jip, my torture and pain started last night when I could only get about 2mb on full signal, yet I got 7mb upload
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    Telkom is dead. Company uses Telkom lte for their voip and it's dead.

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    Yep, down here also. In Sunnyside.

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    They posted on Facebook that they are having issue sand working on it.

    Doesn't seem to be any issues in CPT though.

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    Centurion is up again, but download speed is +- 2Mb/s
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    Also getting a full 2mb dl for the last week or so here in Waverley.
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    My LTE in Kilner Park seems DEAD tonight. Getting 100Kbps download.

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