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Thread: Equipment Damaged after Electricity Meter box fire

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    Unhappy Equipment Damaged after Electricity Meter box fire

    My meter box caught fire and I had no electricity for about 4 days.
    I got about 50 items not functioning properly when the supply was restored.
    The Municipal Electricity Department suspects sabotage by striking electrician as cause of fire (as supply was sabotaged at many locations around the city).

    Witnesses reported that the box door was forced open early in morning and until about 2pm there was a buzzing (or other) noise coming from inside the box. It is suspected that someone deliberately loosened the supply connections and the 'hot connection' caused the fire.

    Further my electrician suggests that I possibly lost the neutral to my 3 phase supply during the fire (or before) and that caused the equipment damage. My Insurance says the damage is wear and tear. What is further confusing is that some of the equipment never worked after the fire BUT when the Insurance tested equipment 2 months later some seem to be working again.

    Can I get some opinions or assistance with a technical explanation/report for my lose.

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    My Insurance says the damage is wear and tear.
    As if all your stuff will die at the same time due to wear and tear, stupid insurer. Ask them to give it to you in writing and then take it to the Ombud for short term insurance.
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    Damn I was so sure this would be @swa's thread.

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    Request a letter of repudiation with full reasons as to why they not paying your claim. Also request the Ombudsman's contact details.
    This will hopefully change their minds if not go the Ombudsman route.

    The cause of the loss is two fold.
    1) If proven to be striking employees then it's a SASRIA claim.
    2) If not proven above the the claim if a fire claim as the proximate cause is fire.

    Force them to pay and if not already start working through a broker and not at a "direct" insurer.
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