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Thread: Do iBurst modems work anywhere on anything else?

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    Default Do iBurst modems work anywhere on anything else?

    iBurst having provided me with a Huawei wireless router to replace connection with their desktop modem the latter has become redundant. To what use can it still be put? For what?

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    open it, and do some research

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    Thought they closed down

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    worthless modem, good for destroying or throwing away,

    literally worthless
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    For Sale - 1 x I-Burst Desktop modem - R 1000.00 (onco)

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    for good memory, the history of the IBurst, I am selling the Desktop modem, 2000 R. no Neg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillsterZA View Post
    Paper weight or door stop
    I used mine as a door stop
    Do NOT construe anything I type as advice

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    I turfed mine yeas ago.

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