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Thread: Competition Commission Inquiry into Data Services Market

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    Default Competition Commission Inquiry into Data Services Market

    More detail and links at:


    The Competition Commission has issued a call for submissions from the public to assist it with its inquiry into data prices in South Africa. The objective of the market inquiry is to determine what factors or features of the market(s) and the value chain may cause or lead to high prices for data services, and to make recommendations that would result in lower prices for data services.

    Call for Submissions: Data Services Market Inquiry

    The closing date for submissions is 1 November 2017. These should be emailed to datainquiry

    Submissions must be accompanied by a signed DSI-1 Form – “Registration Form for Written Submission” – and should follow the requirements set out in the Data Services Market Inquiry Guidelines and the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.

    The Commission has provided a list of questions to be responded to, but stressed that interested parties can make submissions on any matter relevant to the cost to communicate in South Africa, whether from a consumer, business or government perspective.

    Submissions should be as detailed as possible and any views or opinions expressed should be substantiated, as far as possible, by examples and evidence or studies conducted by the stakeholders.

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    Deadline is coming up. Is anyone planning to respond? Post here if you are.

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    Final bump.
    Deadline for submissions is tomorrow.

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