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Thread: Issues with Vodacom

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    Angry Issues with Vodacom


    I need to escalate a query to management/CEO level at Vodacom, I need contact/email details, please. I am getting nowhere with the call centre. Everytime I call I am kept on hold for about 10 minutes and then get told that someone will contact me and I never get a response.

    I am having issues with my 3G account. We were charged for subscriptions going off in July. I called in and got sent an email saying that all subscriptions have been cancelled and then I got a ridiculous bill for August. I have been calling Vodacom since the beginning of September and have no luck.

    Please if someone has contact details let me have them....: mad:

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    @Sharker - To resolve your problem follow these steps.
    1) Send Email to [email protected] to obtain Service Reference number.
    2) Use said Service Reference as first item in your subject in an carefully constructed email to [email protected]

    You now have a reasonable prospect to resolve your issue. This worked for my past issues.

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