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Thread: Double your Data LTE Promotion

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    Default Double your Data LTE Promotion

    Can anyone confirm if the double your data promotion is available for month to month customers also? Im currently on the month to month 50gb package and would like to upgrade to the 100gb package but I DON'T want to sign up for the 24 month contract.

    The website says "month to month option available (sim only)" but some call centre agents says its not, some say I should go into the store. Twitter agents don't know what they talking about.

    Before I head to the stores and stand in long queues I would like to know if anyone got the promotion without signing a contract.

    Website link:

    screenshot below
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    It's also available for prepaid customers if you prefer that option. Month to Month it should be available but I can not confirm.

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    Did anyone confirm yet ?

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    Not yet. I still need to go to the shop and hear what they got to say.... aaarrgghhh

    however twitter telkom agent responded this morning only with this...
    "We apologize for the delay response, please be advised only existing smartbroadband wireless customer can opt to do a migration of 24-month SIM only contract deal. We apologize for the inconvenience caused"

    Different messages from different agents

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    Went to the Telkom store today to hopefully get the double data month to month promo, unfortunately it's only available to contract customers. Consultant did show me on their system that all double data promos are linked to a device which means 24 contract.. so it's a no go

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    Oh no!!

    I don't understand why their website and online magazine advertises "month to month sim only"?

    Hopefully Ill get a chance to get to a store tomorrow

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