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Thread: Random packet loss MWEB

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    Default Random packet loss MWEB

    Basically monitoring ping command to google, then every 20min or so, I will get 3-5 request timed out in succession.

    Obviously, in gaming this is highly frustrating, I do understand its wireless but I dont understand how i get packet loss, in that time interval

    I have 4 bars and get good speed test results

    Anyone else have the same?

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    With WebAfrica, but I have the same issue - the problem is with the RAIN network itself. I used to get packet loss and a disconnect at :41, every hour. Now it happens at :11, every hour. I'm told RAIN "don't understand the issue". Been dealing with this for 2 months now... Super frustrating, I want to cancel the service :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster View Post
    I heard recently that RAIN is rebranded iburst...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster View Post
    Ye iburst AKA RAIN

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster View Post
    Wireless Business Solutions , the holding company of iBurst and Broadlink was acquired by the Michael Jordaan- and Paul Harris-backed firm Multisource, and rebranded as Rain.
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