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Thread: No Adsl/Fibre, propose alternative.

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    Default No Adsl/Fibre, propose alternative.


    Helping a family member out regarding getting internet at their place. Already opened an Afrihost uncapped account but had to cancel 2 days later. See below.

    The residence is in a complex. The place had no telephone outlet anywhere. The family member went to Telkom to order a telephone and adsl line. Understandably, they said they would come to install.
    Technician came out to install and said there is no lines in the complex. A telephone line would be installed by bringing lines from the poles. He also said ADSL will not be possible and they would have to dig etc. not sure at what cost.
    Obviously digging is not an option because its a complex and they renting.

    Please suggest alternatives, similar pricing to adsl? They were looking for uncapped data for streaming etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam_g View Post
    I have checked webafrica packages. They seem to be the cheapest.

    Anyone have experience with webafrica LTE packages?

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