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Thread: Huawei b315 one wifi from multiple devices

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    Default Huawei b315 one wifi from multiple devices

    Hi guys, I have 4 Huawei b315 routers. One of these routers support 32 connected devices at once. Say I want to connect 128 people at once from the same wifi instead of having 4 wifis, how can I achieve this?

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    You can do it with a very expensive access point(s) to support so many users although the problem would be the amount of bandwidth you would need to provision to the access point(s).

    Take your LTE line speed and divide by 128 users = will not end well

    I was once asked to research the possibly of providing audio streaming over wi-fi to a very large national sports stadium (capacity of +/- 50,000) and the client almost had a heart attack at the costs involved.

    Unforunately no inexpensive solutions other than what you are doing at the moment.

    You can try this at

    About R 6,000 for the Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise WiFi System AP-Pro (UAP-PRO). You problem will still be getting enough bandwidth to the device
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