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Thread: Mitchell's Plain - cable theft

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    Default Mitchell's Plain - cable theft

    My line has been dead since 19 September, according to Telkom it is due to cable theft in the area. Whenever I contact the call centre, they just tell me that technicians are busy resolving the problem. A call centre agent even told me that they might not have cable in stock to do the repairs. However, nobody can tell me what the real status is and how much longer it is going to take to do the repairs. Meanwhile, I am paying for a line that is dead.

    Does anyone have the contact details of someone who can actually help me or maybe even speed up the process?

    The cost of mobile data isn't cheap and I need the internet for both business and entertainment purposes.

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    Consolation is that Telkom will refund you for the line rental due to lack of service...

    As for the rest - sorry
    "Cuius testiculos habes, habeas cardia et cerebellum" - When you have their full attention in your grip, their hearts and minds will follow - TP

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