Hi all,

Not quite sure what this falls under, but here goes.

I have 2 questions and am wanting to find out if anyone else is experiencing similar:

1. Have a Vox MTN mobile data sim card with 1GB per month (linked to our fiber/voip account). The data sim APN settings seems to be correct (as provided by Vox) however the mobile connection seems totally unreliable - it works for a bit on LTE then drops completely, then comes back on as 3G/2G, off again, etc, etc.
I often have to turn mobile data off then on again, or change the settings to force 3g or LTE throughout the day - anyone experiencing similar on the Vox mobile sim cards?

2. On tapatalk, when the above mobile data is working, tapatalk threads only seem to show certain posted graphics/pictures and not others. However if I open the same thread in tapatalk web view everything shows fine. Is this a tapatalk app quirk or a Vox data card issue that's somehow limiting graphic downloads. There doesn't seem to be any tapatalk setting that can restrict/allow such.
It again seems totally random and there is no particular pattern as to what is displayed and what is not - webview always works fine though.
Previously when I used my vodacom data sim card I did not have such issues, which leads me to believe that the issue is maybe with the Vox data sim card or some sort of network restriction.

Vox can't seem to identify the issue and are not aware of any such problems...

Any suggestions or similar experiences would be welcome.