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Thread: Saxonwold, not Groot Marico, is true site of Zuma's capture - Maimane

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    Default Saxonwold, not Groot Marico, is true site of Zuma's capture - Maimane

    Johannesburg - A small group of DA supporters braved the cold and rain on Thursday to march close to the Gupta family’s Saxonwold compound in Johannesburg to protest against state capture.

    The family obtained an interdict preventing the DA and their supporters from marching to the compound. DA leader Mmusi Maimane and a small group of supporters agreed to not come within 900 metres of the compound.

    Speaking before the start of the march, Maimane said the country needed a government committed to the nation’s new struggle, which was a struggle for access to jobs.

    "Our message is clear: we reject the capture of our country by the rich and the corrupt, and we want real change. South Africa needs a new beginning, ushered in by a new government committed to fighting for the poor and the jobless, not the rich and the connected few," Maimane said.

    "Just a few hundred metres down the road from here is the Gupta’s mansion – the very site were Jacob Zuma and his ANC government were captured, and where they sold our country to the highest bidder," he said.

    "Today we had planned to march to the gates of the mansion, to show South Africa what Jacob Zuma’s captured site really looks like."

    Maimane said the unveiling of the multi-million rand monument in Groot Marico in the North West in honour of President Jacob Zuma wasn’t the true site of his capture.

    "At the entrance of the newly sprung monument stands an official sign which reads 'Jacob Zuma’s Capture Site'," Maimane said.

    "Anyone who has picked up a newspaper, turned on a radio, or watched the evening news over the past year knows that there is a new 'Jacob Zuma capture site' here in Saxonwold," he said.

    Maimane said the DA was calling on Parliament to institute a commission of inquiry into state capture.

    "It is vital that we establish a platform through which we can get to the very bottom of this matter. That is why I have called on the Speaker of Parliament to immediately establish an ad hoc committee into state capture by no later than October 31, 2017.

    "The Speaker has been put on notice, and if she fails to act, we will have no hesitation in approaching the courts to ensure this matter is resolved," he said

    My views are not cast in stone

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    1.8 million for a monument that looks like a butt-plug?

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