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Thread: Telkom Telephone Poles (infrastructure)

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    Question Telkom Telephone Poles (infrastructure)

    Hi all
    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but need some assistance.

    I have no relationships with Telkom.

    The telephone pole that is in my neighbors yard has become completely dislodged from the ground and is falling over into my property. The only thing that is stopping it from completely falling down and landing in my pool is that the cable to the next pole is being supported by a tree branch. Such tree branch is being pulled down and is hanging over my pool, dropping leaves, etc. into such. If I cut the branch the pole will fall.

    So I try contacting Telkom -
    - Nothing on Website to select this problem type
    - Can't make call as the auto-voice chickey wants account info or ID number - I have neither.

    Any suggestions on how to notify them of this issue?

    I guess I could always cut the branch, let the pole fall into my pool, then cut the cables to get the pole out, and then let the actual users of those cut lines log calls? (But I'd rather not)

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    Phone 10210 and wait for an operator?
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