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Thread: Extraordinary VDSL issues

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    Default Extraordinary VDSL issues

    I've been tormented with issues since mid-Aug and it just gets more and more weird, but essentially since the issues have started, my line has not been performing anywhere near what it used to.

    I'm very suspicious that the issue is an impulse noise issue, primarily because when I get Telkom to put me on fast path the connection goes to absolute dogsh*%, the SNR gets slightly lower on fast path (that's normal) but I get very high CRC and HEC errors, to the point that a local speed test shows 3-4mbps.

    So here's the extraordinary part - This is what my router usually shows and currently shows

    Name:  Screenshot_20171002-014559.png
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    A couple days ago when it rained, I lost sync and this is what it showed

    Name:  Screenshot_20171004-234624.png
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Size:  101.6 KB

    So it rained, and as a result of the rain my SNR increased and my max attainable rate just shot up - that rate is not theoretically attainable for me on VDSL2 given how far out I am. Anyway even though my SNR went up, I was getting a lot of CRC errors very quickly.

    Couple minutes later this is what my modem showed

    Name:  Screenshot_20171004-234236.png
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Size:  76.1 KB

    Eventually it gradually came down back to normal, but I've never seen anything like that before, and BTW to make sure it wasn't my modem, I did test two other modems, all 3 modems were showing the same nonsense.

    Does anyone have any idea what can cause this? And what can cause a line to not be able to sync on fast path, I mean I vaguely understand that noise is the root cause, but what do I tell the technician? I've had 4 technicians come out, every time they just clear the fault and claim they can't see any issue anywhere. They don't understand anything about interleave/fast path or CRC/HEC/FEC frame errors.
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    Any noise on the line?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster View Post
    Any noise on the line?
    You mean the telephone line? None whatsoever, even when the rain was messing up the DSL the phone is fine, that's why the technicians keep saying it's not noise.

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