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Thread: wvdial.conf

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    Default wvdial.conf

    Hi were do i get wvdial.conf ???

    and what is it??

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    wvdial.conf is the configuration file for wvdial ("weavedial"). You have to generate it using the command wvdialconf.

    Check the link below for more details.

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    Default Blonde question

    So on the command line i just type in the command and it will do the rest??

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    Hi Folks,

    I successfully used wvdial to connect the internet using my
    - Huawei E3131 usb stick (modem) with an
    - Afrihost data sim on my
    - Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) system
    as follows

    1. Install the Linux drivers on the Huawei USB stick, from bash
      [email protected]: /media/hamish/Mobile Partner/Linux$ sudo bash install
    2. install wvdial, on Debian like system
      [email protected]: ~/ sudo apt-get install wvdial
    3. configure wvdial,
      - [email protected]: ~/ sudo wvdialconf,
      as discussed on
      - change the following parameters
      Phone = *99#
      Username = none
      Password = none
      Baud = 3600000
    4. run wvdial
      [email protected]: ~/ sudo wvdial

    That worked for me. (strangely i did not need to specify the afrihost APN)

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    On my Raspberry Pi Zero, with a K4605 modem, instead of "none" for user name and password I used "{ }" space between braces required - also did not need to use the APN - Afrihost ...

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