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Thread: Terrible service from WebAfrica

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    Default Terrible service from WebAfrica

    I have had issues with my Fibre in the last month. Constantly lose connection and sometimes very slow. As low as 1 Mbps on a 20 Mpbs fibre line.

    When I phoned for support I was asked 3 times if I am sure that I have Fibre. That while the support technician has my detail available on the system after asking for my Account ID! I have an OpenServe fibre line through WebAfrica and all the detail should be on the system.

    After the 3rd time got to a very helpful technician that committed to log a call with Telkom. Up to this point though I have had zero feedback. Logged onto the WebAfrica portal and there are zero (0) support call on my account. That despite the fact that I received a reference number. I also logged an online call on the portal in December. Despite that still zero (0) support call against my account.

    I am severely disgruntled at this stage as I might as well be talking to the wall.

    Perhaps time to consider another ISP!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GimmeMore View Post
    Perhaps time to consider another ISP!!
    Give them another call? Surely with the reference number, the call center should be able to give you immediate feedback? If they are unable to give feedback, why not ask to escalate the matter?

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    Or try an account from another ISP to narrow down if it's the line or the ISP.
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    Why do people put up with bad service.

    I would just move to another ISP cos I am done with contract lock in.
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