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Thread: Dial rules for Yeastar S20 PABX

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    Default Dial rules for Yeastar S20 PABX

    Hi Guys,

    Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a client with a S20 PABX and 7 Extensions all running on Yeahlink T40P Sip phones and using a SIP provider for dialout and analoque lines for there incoming calls. I am having an isseu where they cannot dialout certian numbers like.

    016 XXXXXX
    079 XXXXXX
    087 XXXXXX

    My dialout rule is defined as just a . Is there a special pattern I need to specify for these numbers to work? Sorry I know this is probably a newbie question but I only got into selling VOIP to my customer last year.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    That rule should work fine.
    Try X. to start with. Others might have better insight on this though.

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    Agree with the above, try X.

    If that doesn't work, check the logs. Try SSH onto the S20 and run
    asterisk -r  -vvvvv
    to see what's going on, make a call to one of the numbers that doesn't work. (best to do this with nobody else making/receiving calls)

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    Hi Jan,

    Have you tested the numbers from another source like your mobile ? It makes no sense that only certain number are not dialed especially with the the outbound rule you have set, I usually set three rules XXXXXXXXXX, 00., and service numbers 1021[7-9]

    With the . rule it could also be digit time out, so if the user is a slow dialer the call could be executed while they are still dialing the number

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    You can also force the calls over the incoming Telkom lines to see if they work...Perhaps your VOIP provider can assist with a log or a hangup cause. Are other number working? If nothing is routing I would be looking at codecs or nats.


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    Thank you for the prompt reply. I am going to test all of this today and revert back. If I force them onto their analogue lines it seems to be working fine.

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