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Thread: Huawei P20 / P20 Plus

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    For those that got the P20, what are your thoughts on the battery life? I am pretty happy with the phone thus far.
    May the wors be with you

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    Huawei P20 Pro Review


    Smartphones are plateauing, aren't they? There are those which come out with minor tweaks over the one being replaced - new display aspect ratio, chipset update, extra gig of RAM or two, something along those lines. And then, there's Huawei which offers true innovation with the P20 Pro catching everybody else off-guard.

    There are certainly a few things we'd do differently, of course, so don't take our enthusiasm as an acknowledgment that the P20 Pro is without any flaws. It is not.


    Dazzling good looks

    Unrivalled night time shots and zoom capabilities of the triple camera

    Dependable battery life, quick top-ups

    Feature-rich custom software (you can hide the notch too)

    Mirror glass back attracts fingerprints like there's no tomorrow

    No microSD slot, no 3.5mm jack (but yes IR emitter)

    The thoroughly skinned EMUI may not be to Android purists taste

    Still, the Huawei P20 Pro is not as important as a product on its own as it is as a pioneer, which is opening the doors to new camera innovation and without a doubt, it would hold an important role in moving the entire industry forward to new heights.

    Full Review:
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    I have the P20 and I'm having a problem.

    I got a screen protector and now I cant unlock the screen without touch-disable mode popping up all the time. The phone finds the screen protector as a blockage so I have to press the off button and up at the same time after every unlock.

    I have googled and tried to follow the steps but there is no touch-disable mode turn off on the P20.

    Anyone had the same problem and can help or should I just buy a new cover.

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    When is the Pro going to be available online, I see only Takealot has it listed currently.

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    See, personally judging from the above video, the normal P20's camera is actual better than the S9+ and P20 Pro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 325i View Post
    Attachment 512103

    No price yet on the Pro from Telkom
    Quote Originally Posted by Gtx Gaming View Post
    Probably 599 to undercut the competition
    Telkom prices on the site. Gtx Gaming was correct.

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    Full Review:

    Huawei P20 Review

    The Verdict

    The Huawei P20 comes from a well-established flagship breed, which has never disappointed us. The focus on the camera this year didn't tip the scales against other features such as design and display. The P20 is as stunningly beautiful as it is powerful. And while the notched screen isn't everybody's favorite, it is the top pick of the season, and we can't argue with people's choice.

    The dual-camera got a behind the scenes upgrade with a new sensor, better lens, 960fps slow-mo capturing, and some advanced machine learning to help you take the best snaps. The latter has some more learning to do, for sure, but it has already impressed us with that tripod-free long-shutter night shots.


    Stunning looks and great build quality

    Excellent screen, and you can hide the notch

    Great main camera day or night, color or monochrome

    Dependable performance

    Feature-rich software

    Smudges and glass don't go together

    No IP67 rating, don't dunk it in water

    Taking a sharp selfie is a tough job with this fixed focus camera

    Sure, the Huawei P20 could have been better. Water-proofing would have made it on par with the competition, an audio jack would have made it easier to swallow the lack of the ingress protection. But the relatively low for a flagship price is what makes those omissions forgivable.
    The Huawei P20 turned out a well-rounded device, providing an excellent alternative to the more expensive P20 Pro. It's as beautiful and as powerful, while its camera isn't that inferior to the Pro's. Finally, the Huawei P20 price makes sense, and in a few months from now when it settles down even further, the smartphone has the potential to become the company's high-end best-seller.

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