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Thread: MTN - recharging with airtime - Airtime disappears without trace

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    Exclamation MTN - recharging with airtime - Airtime disappears without trace

    I have noticed something strange with MTN, not sure with other providers.
    When charging your MTN account (prepaid) with airtime, and moving on to buy a data all of a sudden says you have insufficient airtime to purchase the deal!
    When checking balance I have an amount missing.
    For example: (one example of many incidents) - I bought R45 at BP last week. Switched of Mobile data...recharged my MTN prepaid account. I should have a balance of R49 in total - When checking balance i only had R11 - Explain what happened to the rest!?

    I did explain this to MTN shop in Fourways and was told I must switch off mobile data (Which I always do!) and check for subscriptions....which I have none of...!

    This has happened many times on different occasions and I am not the only one.

    Anyone else with this issue?

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    Dial *141*5# and Option 2 (Content Services) , cancel all the WASP you are subscribed too.

    Even if you didn't do it, just go and check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedViking View Post
    Dial *141*5# and Option 2 (Content Services) , cancel all the WASP you are subscribed too.

    Even if you didn't do it, just go and check.
    ^This sounds like you were bitten by a wasp
    Some times the internet is so slow, it would be faster to just fly to Google's headquarters and ask them this $h1t in person.!

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    time to change your provider and your number.. telkom is rocking at the moment

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    MTN always stealing my R5 recharge I use to keep the sim active. I'll check that WASP thing out though.

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    Option 4 is content services, I would also suggest that.
    Avada Kedavra!

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    I'm also having an issue with my MTN prepaid airtime disappearing, however it only happens when I have my mobile data switched on.
    For example; I'll check my airtime balance with mobile data off and it'll show Airtime: R50, Data: 100mb. Switch mobile data back on and it'll now show Airtime: R0.00, Data: 100mb.
    It's got to the point where I can only make a call when my mobile data is off....really frustrating

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