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Thread: Considering the switch to a Macbook - how bad does Windows run?

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    I use bootcamp. Windows 10 on a retina display is awesome
    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    - Benjamin Franklin

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    You don't get a performance hit. Bootcamp is a partitioning tool and a windows with mac drivers image creator. The laptop will boot into the selected partition like any other laptop with all the hardware dedicated to that partition.

    Running it as a vm yeah you'll get a performance hit on the vm cause you're running 2 operating systems with all the gui and jazz at once and you have to spare resources for the osx host.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboy529 View Post
    Unfortunately I also have to still Windows for a couple of things, but to be honest I don't find it too bad, Win10 does what it's suppose to and doesn't give me any issues. I still don't know Win10 as well as I knew Win7 though, simply because I don't really bother digging in to it. A lot of friends and family still ask me for help since I'm apparently the local tech wiz, but if they have Win10 then I can almost never help, especially not over the phone like I could with Win7 and XP.

    Then there's my odd little quirks like preferring Safari over Chrome on the Mac side, but I use Chrome on Windows, and on iOS I again prefer Chrome over Safari.
    Yeah it's much improved.

    Sadly it's no OSX at all for me which is traumatic to say the least.

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