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Thread: PIC Programming

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    Default PIC Programming

    because I am so rubbish with microsoft products I've decided to teach myself a bit of pic programming.

    Yes, I too think AVR or arduino is probably a better idea long term, but I have decided pic's will be my starting point. The main forum at microchip is diffiicult to understand form a beginner perspective, so does anybody know other more noob-friendly forums to learn a bit and try out some sample codes?

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    Default Just start


    Here is a cheap starter kit programmer which can program a huge range.
    There should be more local resellers...

    With this kit you get examples, programming software and a demo board. The examples start really easy, something like "hello world"(LED blinking) is the standard fist program.

    With a basic knowledge of programming and electronics you should be able to get started.
    Microchip also gives away free samples(4 pics a month)

    Here is what I suggest... (if you know C)

    1)Learn to program in ASSEMBLER (with MPLAB ide)
    2) Then switch to C (use Hitech C or MikroC) (much more professional and easier)

    There is a lot of examples on the CD and so forth...
    Microchip is holding a masters seminar in Johannesburg/Cape Town/Durban at the end of the month but its semi advanced courses. But a more basic version of that pickit 2 will be available for R200 or something

    To program you need(if you can do pics/electronics and programming):

    1) The range data sheet (midrange etc)
    2) The pic data sheet
    3) Instruction set of the pic you want to program

    If you know a bit of programming you can get started on a few hours...

    I don't Think theres any good forums for beginners... but maybe a few good guides

    This guide will take you all they up to interrupts...


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