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Thread: Who do I contact for Layer 2 access using Telkom?

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    I did no receive it. Please email christian @
    Level-7 Internet
    010 9000 777

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    Super Grandmaster ponder's Avatar
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    Jan 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by fundutzi View Post
    Address was sent in PM.
    Should anyone read this thread.
    Ponder did reply, thank you.
    I received no pm.
    entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem

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    I took some time typing the private messages to each of you.

    Seems the forum ate these messages all.
    Indication is I need 50 posts before I can pm.

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    The following users pm`d me.

    A quick summary of the pm status:
    Thank you very much for your input till now.
    Issue still not resolved.

    Updates will follow.

    ==> "no DFA, and no residential fibre from Openserve, so your options are probably metro ethernet only, which is a couple thousand rand per month and a contractual term. "

    pinball wizard
    ==> Gave me a contact to ring.
    Rang a numebr of times, failed, just managed for first time to speak to person.
    I am delighted. Questions pending.

    ==> I should contact a provider. Not done yet. Still trying to speak to infrastructure owners.

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    Email sent to Level7.

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    I think I qualify to send pm`s now, made it to 50 posts in 8 years.

    Hope you received the pm now.
    Best regards,

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    I want to let the world know.

    A great many hours, phone calls and correspondence later, neither Telkom nor LiquidTelecom could give any response which was coherent in answering three simple questions:
    a. Can you provide a dedicate low contention internet link for +- 20 - 100 Mb/s at a specified address X with GPS coordinates XYZ {This location is in a "small" town along the N1}.
    b. If you can, at what cost?
    c. In what time frame?

    Infraco was willing and motivated to provide answers provided I sign a NDA and proof I at least in the process to register as an ISP.
    The basic information they provided was substantial compared to Telkom and LiquidTelecom. Well done for Infraco, a pity some hurdles exist before they can offer real prices.

    Praise to this forum`s "Level-7 Representative".
    The gentleman responded here, he was willing to speak to me on the phone.
    Most important of all, he answered all three questions within 48 hours.

    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,

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