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Thread: MyBB Speedtest - is it meaningful ?

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    Default MyBB Speedtest - is it meaningful ?

    I often travel to areas at the fringe of reception and then do a MyBB speed test. Currently in Umdloti KZN.
    I get Vodacom mobile MyBB Speedtest speeds in excess of 15Mbps download and the data graph on Win10 Task Manager looks as if there is a flat line speed for the whole period of the download/upload.
    I then try and access any YouTube video or DSTV download and the average speed is <500Kbps and very intermittent. Not sufficient to watch a DSTV Catch-up movie at even the lowest quality setting.

    Is the MyBB Speed of any value, as it certainly is no where near representative of download speeds ?
    It is almost as if Voda detect that there is a speed test being run and give special access to the speed test to ensure that the network speed appears fantastic for marketing reasons. The speed tests appear to bypass any contention ratio issues.

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    No, it is not meaningful, no speed tests are.

    Speed tests measure speed from you -> speed test site.
    Given that most browsing is not to the speed test site, its not that helpful.

    Plus as you've noted, the providers cheat. - My Solar Blog

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