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Thread: Do not use GRIDHOST (WebAfricas not so great arm)

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    Angry Do not use GRIDHOST (WebAfricas not so great arm)

    Just a warning, Gridhost are a bunch of clowns - have no idea what they are doing - they cant even manage registering a domain name - they just messed up the entire process.

    I have yet to be refunded for what they messed up and can imagine what kind of process this is going to be, just based on all the other bad reviews I have read.

    WebAfrica, im not sure why you partnered with these guys, as you have just lost credibility in the process - I probably ranked WA as the easiest ISP to deal with - just lost my vote and business

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    Utterly useless...................
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    Feel free to PM your details should you require assistance from our billing team.

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