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Thread: MTN and Afrihost mobile product dissapearing data monthly when hitting 100mb left

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    Default MTN and Afrihost mobile product dissapearing data monthly when hitting 100mb left

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, would like to know if anybody else is experiencing this problem, or if you guys have any advice. So I bought into the R99 a month (think its R110 now after the vat increases) mobile package of Afrihost which they offer with MTN for cellphones. It is suppose to come with 1gb data a month. The last few months, as soon as I hit 901 mb, I'm cut off.

    Ive reported this to Afrihost who've replied that they are aware of this error, as soon as it hits 901mb (less than a 100mb) it stops connecting to MTN and they have to manually reset it. What gets my goat is that Ive been cheated out of at least 50mb for the last few months, each month this has happened, because this is not added to your account again, it is lost. Yes, I know 50mb is not a lot, but we are talking about Mobile data, which costs a lot more and also it something I've paid for and I'm being screwed out of by their system letting me down. And I don't see why I have to report this problem each month, why isn't this fixed or at least tell me when this will be fixed? Anybody else?

    Very disappointed client

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    I noticed using the android app that when the data is 'finished', it still shows there is data left. The only response I got was 'please don't use the app to check data, but to your online dashboard'.

    I'll max out my data later today before it expires and see what happens.
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    Thanks for the inputs. Yes I've also seen this in the app, but later when it 'refreshes' it does update correctly. But my problem occurs as soon as i hit 100mb left. I should perhaps elaborate on my previous post -

    So what happens is round about 2 days to the end of the month, I hit 901mb. I then can't connect via mobile connection, and have to contact the ISP Afrihost. If I'm lucky enough to get through (everybody here knows that getting hold of an ISP on the last two days of the month, is tough), they then manually reset it, and I'm able to use the last 100mb. But what happened last month was that I picked it up on the last day of the month, once it was refreshed there was not enough time to use the 100mb left, and I lost the 100mb, since you get your new quota on the 1st of the new month.

    Another time, I only got a reply from them 2 days after the end of the month (contacted them via e-mail) and the data was not added back again to my account. OK, it sounds like I'm nit picking, but still, I feel I pay for this data, and due to a system problem I'm not getting what I paid for. All I want to know is when will this be permanently fixed. They are aware of this, and have admitted it is an error on their side.

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