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Thread: Fortnite might get BANNED in Australia?

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    Question Fortnite might get BANNED in Australia?

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    Tracy Grimshaw scares me beyond believe, something about her eyes.

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    Super Grandmaster Johnatan56's Avatar
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    They threatened the same for MW, not going to happen.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChocolateBadger View Post
    Welcome to life. It's your life. Do what you want.

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    Super Grandmaster DrJohnZoidberg's Avatar
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    Jesus that clickbait.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zolani99 View Post
    The atheists won't be forced to bow their heads, they can just imagine themselves burning in hell.

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    Did I see a laptop with a cover of the Flag of the United States?
    Trolling is an Art. A Jest of Faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrJohnZoidberg View Post
    Jesus that clickbait.

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    You wont believe what happens next!

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